5 Great Business Books to Read on the Road

business booksWhen using New Mexico transportation such as an Albuquerque limo service, you might use this time to unwind with a great book. Of course, you can also enjoy reading during downtime at the hotel or while on a flight to your destination. Regardless of the circumstance, the goal is finding several books to take on your trip.


Recommended Books for Travel


Obviously, there are many more books than the five listed, but these currently rank high among business executives. Just imagine being chauffeured by an Albuquerque limo service while catching up on good reading. By hiring the right New Mexico transportation, this vision becomes a reality.


  1. Rookie Smarts—Written by Liz Wiseman, this book is exceptional. If you are an entrepreneur, someone in the process of starting a new business, or have little experience in the business world, the content of this book is extremely valuable. You will learn insider tips on outperforming seasoned executives and learn how to put ideas into motion.


  1. Twitter Is Not a Strategy—The author of this book, Tom Doctoroff, really hits home. Today, social media is vital to achieving success, but unfortunately, many people do not utilize sites in the right way. As such, they miss out on what different platforms, including Twitter, have to offer. With this book, you will learn the basics of Twitter, as well as how to be more creative, execute plans, and get your business in a better position with branding.


  1. The Innovators—This is another top book to read while being chauffeured by an Albuquerque limo service. Walter Isaacson includes stories of top executives, including Jobs, Gates, Wozniak, Page, and others. If you need to be inspired, this is the book to read.


  1. Crazy Is a Compliment—Author Linda Rottenberg claims that if people do not view you as being crazy for launching a new product or service, then you are not setting your sights high enough. Although she does not support people taking significant risks, she does encourage readers to think outside the box.


  1. Intelligent Leadership—John Mattone will help you identify a predominant leadership trait, which can then be used to grow or better the business. His goal in writing this book is to help readers become a better version of themselves through leadership.


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In addition to having the opportunity to read business books while being chauffeured around, you save time and money when using New Mexico transportation in the form of a reputable Albuquerque limo service.