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Best Bakeries in Santa Fe and Albuquerque, New Mexico

Best Bakeries in Santa Fe and Albuquerque, New Mexico

best-bakeryWhether you live in or plan to visit Santa Fe or Albuquerque, New Mexico, there is something very enjoyable about stopping at one of the best bakeries for homemade goods and a fresh cup of java or cappuccino. In both cities, you can choose from a number of venues, each unique yet wonderful.

Santa Fe

In Santa Fe, New Mexico, you will be impressed by many exceptional bakeries.

  • Chocolate Maven—This bakery has been a favorite for more than 30 years. Known for fine cookies, brownies, cakes, scones, pies, Danish pastries, tarts, lemon bars, and even wedding cakes, everything they serve is delicious. As an award-winning establishment, you can expect the to plate the best bakery goods, but they’ll also give you unrivaled service and a relaxing atmosphere. In addition to pastries and other fine foods for breakfast, this bakery serves lunch, dinner, and even high-noon tea.
  • Sage Bakehouse—The atmosphere at this Santa Fe bakery is remarkable, and so are the unique breads and other bakery items available. Although the Sage Bakehouse makes delicious cookies, croissants, tarts, and more, it is the bread that people crave most. This bakery offers traditional breads that are naturally leavened, slowly fermented, hand formed, and baked in a traditional French oven.
  • Swiss Bakery—Another incredible choice among the best bakeries in Santa Fe is the Swiss Bakery, which proudly offers an array of cookies, pastries, and cakes. What makes this particular bakery so special is that an authentic European-trained baker and pastry chef uses only the finest ingredients to create goods from scratch, and bakes fresh daily.


Just as in Santa Fe, many bakeries in Albuquerque are memorable.

  • Bittersweets Bakery—At this boutique-style bakery, you will discover a wonderful selection of gourmet cupcakes, specialty cakes, and wedding cakes, among other food items, each made from scratch and baked on a daily basis to ensure freshness. For the specialty and wedding cakes in particular, the baker pays close attention to detail to ensure they are unique and innovative. As a gourmet private-label bakery, Bittersweets will give you a true culinary experience.
  • Golden Crown Panaderia—As another one of the best bakeries in Albuquerque, Golden Crown Panaderia offers a wonderful variety of freshly baked breads, cookies, pizzas, cakes, and even sandwiches. Although the Golden Crown Panaderia sits in an old-fashioned neighborhood, it caters to some of the finest establishments in the city.

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Best Bakeries in Santa Fe and Albuquerque, New Mexico

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