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How to Pack for a Stress-Free Business Trip

business trip packingWhen traveling on business, you face a number of challenges, including what to pack. After all, you want to pack appropriate attire so that you look professional at meetings and business dinners, while at the same time packing light. With the following tips, you will discover that packing for a business trip does not have to be stressful.


Great Packing Tips


  • Make a List—Rather than grabbing things randomly, make a list of the items that you actually need for your upcoming business trip. Consider taking just one jacket that can be mixed and matched with different slacks/skirts that are wrinkle-free. Of course, most hotels have irons and dry cleaning services if needed. You also want to pack something casual clothes, workout clothes, and of course, toiletries.


  • Consider the Type of Trip—You also want to think about the type and formality of the trip. Ask yourself who the executives and/or clients are that you will connect with, what different functions you will attend, how long you will be out-of-town, and what the weather is like at your destination.


  • Lay Things Out—Before putting anything in your garment bag, carry-on, or suitcase, lay items out on the bed. That way, you can see exactly what you have planned for the trip and make necessary changes.


  • Consider Items for Work—You may need to take things for conducting business, as well. For example, you might need sales reports, printed handouts, laptop and accessories, notebook and pen, business cards, and so on. If you can fit everything in your computer bag or luggage, great, but if not, you can always have business documents shipped to the hotel so they are waiting for you upon arrival.


  • Electronic Accessories—Thanks to modern technology, packing electronic accessories for a business trip has never been easier. You can purchase an array of items, such as portable printer, router, WiFi, Bluetooth, fax machine, phone charger, and the list goes on, but keep in mind that many hotels offer electronic accessories for guests. Therefore, prior to packing your own, contact the hotel to determine what, if anything, is available.


  • Travel Bag—Even the bag you choose for your business trip is a big deal. By choosing the right bag, you can take everything onboard the plane for storage in the overhead bin. As such, you avoid the hassle of waiting in a long line at the baggage claim.


Limousine Service


For a stress-free business trip, you should also take advantage of limousine ground transportation. When you hire a limo, a chauffeur is waiting for you when you exit the plane. This professional will also assist with loading/unloading any luggage, and provide a comfortable and safe ride to the hotel.

How to Pack for a Stress-Free Business Trip

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