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Tips for Maintaining the Exterior of Your Car

NM limo serviceFor limousine companies, it is imperative the vehicles look brand new for every client. If you are accustomed to hiring a professional chauffeur, you know the importance of a well-kept fleet. In addition to a pristine interior loaded with all the latest bells and whistles, you expect the outside of the car to be shiny, clean, and polished.

To make sure the exterior of your car is just as impressive, consider the following tips from professional limousine operators.

Helpful Tips

  • Hand Wash – Instead of driving a vehicle through a commercial car wash, the exterior should always be hand washed. For one thing, this allows you to prep the exterior properly, but it also ensures that you get every nook and cranny spotless. In addition, sometimes a commercial car wash causes damage, something that is avoided with hand washing. 
  • Unwanted Debris – While hand washing will probably remove all debris from the exterior of the vehicle, you may find small flecks of pollutants and bird droppings left behind. In this case, you can use a high-quality paint cleaner formulated specifically for high-end vehicles. There is also a paint-cleaning clay lubricated with a liquid cleaner wax that removes debris quite well. No special training is required, just slow, smooth motions and patience. 
  • Polishing – If the exterior of the car has any rough areas, a hand sander helps. Although you can use a rotating polishing machine, they are not as forgiving as oscillating buffers. 
  • Wax Protection – To make the exterior of your car appear new, you need to use a high-quality wax for protection. Regardless if you use paste or liquid form wax, experts suggest applying two coats. Because wax wears off after two to three months, you will need to repeat this process. However, for added protection and an incredible shine, waxing your car is essential. 

Being Chauffeured in Style

When you travel in a vehicle with a well-maintained interior and exterior, you feel important. When you send a chauffeur with a well-kept car to pick up important clients or business associates, they feel the same way.

Tips for Maintaining the Exterior of Your Car

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