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Travel Tips: Getting Through Airport Security with Ease

NM limo serviceIf you travel often on business and seem to always be rushing, getting through airport security is often a nightmare. To avoid long lines, grumpy people, and inevitable challenges, here are our best travel tips with  a few things that you can do.

Breezing Through Security

  • Never Stand out – If you dress and act normally, there is less chance of you being selected for a more in-depth body or luggage search. 
  • Slip-on Shoes – To get through airport security faster, leave the buckle and tie-on shoes at home or pack them in your suitcase. Instead, opt for slip-on shoes that you can take off and put back on quickly.
  • TSA PreCheck – Another way to get through airport security easier is by joining the PreCheck program offered by TSA. If you are eligible for this program, screening at domestic airports is usually smoother. Although there is no guarantee for expedited service, by leaving your shoes on, not taking your laptop out of the bag, and bypassing some of the more standard TSA procedures, things go much quicker while going through airport security.
  • Pay Attention to the Agent – Once at security, pay attention to lines for different security agents. The goal is to identify the agent moving people through the fastest and then get in that line.
  • Ticket Upgrade – You might also consider purchasing an upgraded ticket. Even if you are not a frequent flier, with an upgraded ticket, you receive special treatment that makes often makes the security process faster.
  • Gels and Liquids – Since the 9/11 terrorist attack, airport security has changed dramatically. One of the more common but also overlooked rules has to do with carry-on gels and liquids. Taking gels or liquids greater than 3.4 ounces through security causes delay and loss of the product. Remember, gels and liquids include a number of products, such as hand lotion, cheese spread, jams and jellies, peanut butter, salsa, hair products, and more.
  • Good Packing – Even the way you pack could affect how fast you get through security. For instance, if your luggage is pulled for inspection, a neatly packed suitcase that is not crammed with everything but the kitchen sink will make the TSA agent’s job easier. 

Limousine Services

Using limousine services can also save time when trying to get through security. By leaving the driving to a qualified chauffeur, you never have to worry about getting around road construction, through traffic jams, or finding a place to park. As a result, you arrive in plenty of time to avoid being rushed.

Travel Tips: Getting Through Airport Security with Ease

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