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Understanding Roadshows, and why they are important business for Chauffeurs

There are lots of different job types in the chauffeur industry, and of course the most common one of all is a simple transfer between point A and point B. Sometimes, there may be a stop along the way, but the vast majority occur from point A to point B. Usually from a commercial or residential address to an airport, or vice versa. However, there is one job type that can seem daunting to chauffeurs and clients alike, and they are known in the industry as, Roadshows.

What is a Roadshow?

A Roadshow can take on a couple of forms, but most commonly they involve a senior executive, or a number of executives meeting with potential investors or current investors. Commonly, this can involve executives from a company about to undertake an Initial Public Offering (IPO).

This will involve the investor meeting either face to face or via calls with their investors or potential investors, and will be a heavy day for the executive(s). They may also stop for lunch,lunch meetings, or for the more hardcore and busy executives they may skip lunch and opt to fit in more meetings instead.

To make a roadshow successful, the following is a must:

  • It must run on time. Any chauffeur doing a Roadshow must be fully prepared (and will usually have an itinerary from the client beforehand) so therefore must be fully prepared for any delays or roadworks, or heavy traffic, or anything that could delay the client. Ideally, everything will run early, giving the client that extra few minutes of time they need.
  • The car must be pristine and present a good image. Again, this is one of the basics but can be overlooked. The executives and entrepreneurs are going out to win the trust and investment of interested parties, so presenting a professional image is important to them. First impressions do count. Having a handy small cleaning kit in the boot can help with this, if you need to freshen the car up during the day, inside or outside, you come prepared.
  • The chauffeur must be experienced. Yes, I get the point that we all had to start somewhere, and that no chauffeur begins with experience of everything, but even if they haven’t completed a roadshow before, the chauffeur should be experienced in driving executives who are on a tight time limit.
  • The vehicle must have fast, secure wireless connections. The executives will be communicating heavily with each other, investors, and making lots of calls. It helps that the transition for the client to an office on the road is made easier with fast, secure connections enabling them to get on with business.
  • The vehicle must be in a sound condition. This one goes without saying, but its worth noting that any vehicle that goes out on a roadshow will likely be running all day, so you really do need a mechanically and electrically sound vehicle to run a Roadshow. Common types of vehicles used include Luxury Sedans and MPVs.

A final word of advice

It’s really important that any Chauffeur who is going to deliver Roadshows has signed a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with the company they work for. Roadshows can expose chauffeurs to sensitive company information, and insider information that is not available to the general market. A Non Disclosure Agreement is important because it protects both the chauffeur and the client from having to worry about sensitive information getting out before it should.

Article by Gerard McCabe Ireland Premier Chauffeur Car Service


Understanding Roadshows, and why they are important business for Chauffeurs

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