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When I really need Uber in Santa Fe and it’s not there…

It’s 5AM in the morning on a Sunday in Santa Fe, New Mexico and my business phone at World Travel Management rings.  There is a frantic couple on the other line desperate to get a Santa Fe Car Service to the SAF airport.  Unfortunately they waited too long and they end up missing their flight.  As I hang up, I always begin to wonder, how did this unexpected problem happen at the last minute?  

The False promise

Uber has an option to pre-order a vehicle for a later date and time, such as a Car service in Santa Fe from a hotel to the SAF airport tomorrow morning.  Which sounds wonderful BUT… what happens if there are no Uber drivers working tomorrow that early in the morning in Santa Fe?  

I’ll you what happens, you miss your flight home!  The flight you prepared for, scheduled far in advance to get a great rate on airline tickets, went to bed early, set two alarms, packed all your things the night before, and told all your family and friends you would be home that afternoon.  This is a real scenario that happens to 30% of passengers arriving and departing Santa Fe, New Mexico every day.  Uber cannot guarantee rides to passengers… EVER!  Without a fleet and drivers, Uber is just an App passengers are taking a gamble with especially in smaller cities across the United States and around the world.  

The Unexpected 40% Costs of hoping for Uber

For the couple that called me frantically at 5AM for a last minute Car service from a hotel in Santa Fe to the SAF Airport, they ended up rescheduling their fight for later that afternoon and they had to take a limo from Santa Fe to  Albuquerque Airport instead to make it home.  They called me later that morning to schedule for an Airport Transfer from Sant Fe, NM to ABQ Airport and while on the phone, the girlfriend was still trying to convince the boyfriend to use Uber. The boyfriend paused making the reservation with me over the phone and replied to his girlfriend, “This is a real car service in Santa Fe I’m on the phone with, we are guaranteed a Airport Transfer to the ABQ airport”  He realized that he had already ruined his plans for returning home on time and now had to spend 50% more money on rebooking his flights all because they were relying on a service that didn’t exist for the Santa Fe limo service he needed the most, his SAF transfer to the airport.  

It’s better to book your Santa Fe airport transfers with a real Santa Fe limo service in advance, not an App on your phone.  Even if its scheduling the evening before you need it such as really early the following morning.  For the Santa Fe Airport Car service you need to be there and depend the most on, booking your reservation with a real Santa Fe limo service that specializes in transferring people safely to and from the SAF airport can seem like a little more but its advantages of being dependable can save you from disaster.

World Travel Management is the most dependable and safest way to get to or from the SAF or ABQ airport to your destination.  Santa Fe Car service is properly licensed, insured, and follows all the latest safety protocols for COVID-19 along with properly trained professional chauffeurs.  Which is another reason to forgo the ride app for important rides that you depend on while traveling.  Uber cannot guarantee any of these things or even just show up.

Later that morning at 10AM when World Travel Management picked up the couple that missed their flight and had to reschedule their entire lives that day they were headed home, the vehicle was completely silent.  No one said one word the entire 1 hour ride they had to take due to rebooking to the bigger airport in Albuquerque.  Uber destroyed a relationship, that a real Santa Fe car service saved that day.  

When I really need Uber in Santa Fe and it’s not there…

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